Constitutions, Laws, Statutes and Hope

Bonding laws required by the NM &
US constitutions and New Mexico Statutes.
 Penal bonds vs insurance.

                                        Letters to & from SOS Duran & OBAMA

 Email to New Mexico SOS Duran requesting bond on new Judge

question Nov. 28, 2012


Would you please send me a copy of Judge Daylene Marsh's personal recognizance bond and oath of office, pursuit to NMSA 10-2-5, 6, & 9.  Thank you for your quick service.

My address is Lynette Gomez

                    4 CR 5095

                    Bloomfield, NM 87413

or email it to

Thanks again,

Ken & Lynette Gomez

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 Letter to SOS Duran about her response  no response

 Letter to SOS Duran Aug 23, 2013  no response

 Letter to SOS Duran Sept. 27, 2013



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