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Kenneth A. Gomez
Governor of the State of New Mexico
Executive Order 20120001 - Providing an Order
Creating an Interim Government
August 28, 2012

By authority vested in me as De Jure Governor by the Constitution and the laws of the State of New
Mexico, including 1978 Comp., § 20-2-4, enacted by Laws 1987, ch. 318, § 11, it is hereby proclaimed
and ordered:

Section 1. Subject to the power of Article XXII, Section 19, Constitution of the State of New Mexico, and
the statutory authorities of Section 10-2-5, 6, 7, and 9 NMSA 1978, I, as lawfully elected and De Jure
Governor, proclaim that a state of insurrection exists throughout the State of New Mexico composed of
persons unconstitutionally and statutorily posing as state public officers who:

Falsely assumes or pretends to be a state public officer;
Act exercising the power and authority of the State of New Mexico;
Act as such, or in such pretended character and acquire state publicly appropriated
funds from the State Treasury converting such funds for personal use;
Engage in a course of conduct voiding the state government of competency,
impairing the maintenance of law and order, and making a mockery of justice,
both civil and criminal; and,
Require that I, as De Jure Governor, set up an interim government to end the
enslavement of and to protect the Citizenry at-large.

Section 2. Effective the date of this Executive Order, I appoint the following named citizens to
enter, hold, and exercise the power of the state public office indicated below until formal
elections may be had:
Lieutenant Governor:  Glen E. Saline
Secretary of State:  Richard Tast
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Ellen Ouevedo;
State Treasurer:  Delores Martinez
State Auditor:  Steve Candelaria


Attorney General---Ronald B. Porath
Commissioner of Public Lands: _Leonard Ackley

Section 3. The seat of Government shall be Bloomfield, New Mexico until state government in
accord with the state constitution can be re-established.

Section 4. All state publicly appropriated funds shall no longer be paid out of the treasury to any
of those persons holding state public office under false pretenses effective the date of this order;
however, those persons currently employed in all state departments shall continue to draw
monthly compensation as they were before this order became effective until further notice and so
long as they serve the best interest of the Citizenry at-large.

Section 5. Those persons holding state public office under false pretense and engaged in the
insurrection against the Constitutions of the United States of America and of the State of New
Mexico by denying the powers therein and defying the attendant authorities giving those powers
effects shall return all public monies received by them to the State Treasury while doing so from
the day they began exercising the powers of the office held unconstitutionally and unlawfully.

Section 6. Exceptions
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Executive Order, the system of
peonage currently active within the State of New Mexico due primarily to the
insurgency which enslaves the private citizens of the state shall cease to exist
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Executive Order, each person currently
holding state public office under false pretenses and engaged in the insurgency
against both constitutions shall without intentional delay leave the office
peacefully and immediately without taking any state property or things of value,
no matter how inexpensive that may be, and shall be held responsible to the State
of New Mexico, upon subsequent inventory, for anything lost, taken, or missing.
Notwithstanding the provisions of this Executive Order, each person posing as
state public officers under false pretenses and engaged in an insurrection against
both constitutions are hereby charged with: (1) engaging in an insurrection against
both constitutions, a criminal conspiracy thereby sufficient to enslave the
Citizenry at-large, (2) crimes against the humanity of the Citizenry at-large, (3)
criminal conspiracy from Year 1963 onward to alter the Constitution of New
Mexico and supporting insurgents by conducting deceptive votes of the electorate
in support of the insurgency, (4) criminal conspiracy to control the New Mexico
Legislature with agents of the New Mexico Supreme Court which controlled both
its bodies and all primary committees therein, which corruptly interfered with
machinery of the legislative process with a significant bloc of votes to
successfully influence the work product of the legislature, and which did all of the
foregoing with deliberate intent.

Section 7. Any Executive Order issued by a prior constitutional authority currently in existence
and contrary to any provision of this Executive Order is hereby revoked.

4 CR 5095
Bloomfield, New Mexico 87413

Filed at the above address temporally and preserved for the official records of the State of New

Citation: Kenneth A. Gomez: "Executive Order 20120001 - Proclaiming that a state of
insurrection against both constitutions exist within the State of New Mexico. Online at

Kenneth A. Gomez,
Governor of the·State of New Mexico


                              Letter to Obama

The White House,
Vacant Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

September 5, 2012

Dear Mr. Barrack Obama,

I informed you personally while De Jure Governor of New Mexico in 2011 that an insurrection
against both constitutions has occurred within the State and District of New Mexico since 1968 and
asked for your support. As now Governor of New Mexico, in view of the attached Executive Order, I
believe you have failed to faithfully execute the law against insurrections against both the New Mexico
and United States of America Constitutions. That failure places you under the provisions of Section 3,
Fourteenth Amendment and Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees me compensation for
my cost in gaining control of the Governor's office.

Accordingly, I believe that you have forfeited the Office of the President of the United States of
America and that the Vice President now occupies that office.



                                                                  Kenneth A. Gomez,
                                                                  Governor of New Mexico
                                                                  #4 CR 5095
                                                                  Bloomfield, NM87413

Attachment 1

Secretary of State
US Dept of State
2201 C. Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20520

Chairman, House Committee on the Judiciary
Washington, DC 20515

Chairman, Senate Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Proclamation and Directive for the Citizens of the United States of America

I, Kenneth A. Gomez, being of sound mind and body, a resident in good standing
of the state of New Mexico and of the United States of America, and as legal
Governor of New Mexico by power of the Constitution of New Mexico and the
power of the United States Constitution due hereby proclaim the following:
1. An insurrection against both constitutions has been active for an
unspecified number of years. United States Constitution Article VI,
Clause 3 states:
a The Senators and Representative before mentioned, and the
Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and
judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several
States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation . . ." (emphasis
added) meaning public officers must be bonded as explained in
section 31 USC § 9301-9309 or NMSA statutes 10-2-5,6,7, & 9,
the latter originally brought in with the New Mexico Constitution
as Sections 5-2-5, 6, 7, & 9 (territorial laws), and altered, revised,
or amended in violation of the ordinance required to be irrevocable
in order for the territory to become a state. See 36 Stat. 557, the
Enabling Act.
2. After personally sending letters to the President of the United States of
America, the United States Attorney General, and the Department of the
Treasury where these bonds are required to be approved, and knowing of
letters sent by others to pertinent office locations containing deadlines for
action, requesting recognizant bond information for individual oaths of
office, and no one receiving any reply, reveals the fact that no one in the
201207381 061141201202:25 PM
1 of 5 81541 P656 R $10.00

New Mexico State Government and the United States Federal
Government, is individually bonded to their oath of office as required by
the applicable constitution, for fear of self incrimination.
3. As the bonded constitutional New Mexico chief executive, I am declaring
that the citizens of New Mexico, the citizens of the United States to be
governed by imposters in all sections of state and federal government.
Therefore, all persons elected or appointed to government offices are
engaged in an insurrection against both constitutions under the self executing
provisions of Section 3, Fourteenth Amendment. By taking an
oath to support both constitutions and by not obtaining the proper
individual bonds as required to constitutionally take office they, each one
of them, participate in an insurgency against both constitutions. By doing
so, these imposters have denied the power of Article 6, Clause 3, United
States Constitution, they perjured their individual oath of office, and
placed the people into conditions of peonism, a subspecies of involuntary
servitude by denying the power of Amendment 13, Section 1 United State
Constitution, defied the authority of 14 Stat. 546, codified as 42 U.S.C. §
1994 and 18 U.S.C. §§ 1581 et seq. Therefore they are subject to the
criminal consequences of the power of that amendment, Amendment 14,
Section 3 and 4, United States Constitution.
4. As a result of the insurgency, those posing as United States Supreme
Court Justices as well as all federal judges and New Mexico judges in
courts of law are placing United States citizens and those of the 50 states
under conditions of peonism; they are without recourse to a competent
judicial system, either state or federal.
5. The government will continue with those second in authority upon taking
201207381 061141201202:25PM
2 of 5 81541 P656 R $10.00

      oath and posting a personal recognizant bond until new qualified
Secretaries are appointed or elected.
6. All who are incarcerated, state or federal, must be released immediately
under such circumstances, a cost to the various governments for failure to
provide competent courts of law.
7. As an informant or "whistle blower" I retain my rights established for me
under the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the United
States of America and the State of New Mexico. Having been propelled
to the station of Chief Executive Officer of the United States, I
therefore order those posing as Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges,
Executives, Congressman, Senators, Appointees, the 18 secretaries of the
different cabinets and the New Mexico Legislature, to immediately cease
and desist all activities until it can be determined how far this insurrection
8. It is so ordered that all assets, financial and personal, be turned over as
these would have been required to obtain bonding for impersonating
public officers, including all retirements, embezzled pay, to pay back the
treasuries for the embezzled publicly appropriated funds and for damages
caused by these imposters. At no time shall either governments be held
libel for the imposters' actions.
9. Any and all forms of abortion shall cease as "our posterity" is protected
by the Preamble of the United States of American Constitution as the
"unborn" rights cannot be protected if they are denied birth.
10. All laws enacted during times that any of these imposters claimed office
are null and void at their inception and are unenforceable.
11. Any and all attorneys, lawyers and appointees of the Chief Justices are
201207381 06/14/2012 02:25 PM
3 of 5 81541 P656 R $10.00


1. That I am currently bonded with a personal stipulation bond
subject to the same as aiding and abetting this insurgency for failure to
challenge the competency of the courts they enter to practice law. Any
foreign entity, such as the "American Bar Association", shall cause their
members to cease and desist supporting all insurgencies against the
constitutions, and shall turn over all monies and real property assets to
the United States Treasury, as participants of the insurgencies, under
power of Section 4, Fourteenth Amendment.
12. All republican and democratic parties and affiliates are terminated and
their officers are charged with aiding and abetting this insurgency, for not
promoting qualified candidates; any and all monies collected by
"imposter" insurgents for re-elections shall be returned to the donors; and
all persons running for office will show a legitimate constitutional bond
to any office or appointment previously held to qualify as a candidate.
Understand: that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
binding me to the oath of office contained in Section 1, Article ll,
Constitution of the United States of America.
2. An insurrection against all constitutions is active, controlling, and
enslaving the citizenry at-large without recourse to competent courts
201207381 06/14/201202:25 PM
4 of 5 81541 P656 R $10.00
of law, either state or federal.
3. The person occupying the Office of the President of the United States
of America has refused to faithfully execute the laws of the United
States which he swore to do.
4. I am the constitutional Governor of New Mexico and with that
specific power, I exercised the legal right to assume the Office of the
Chief Executive of the United States of America for the purpose of
defending the constitutions against all enemies, both foreign and
domestic until constitutionally replaced by a competent person on
behalf and behest of the citizenry at-large.
201207381 06/14/201202:25 PM
5 of 5 81541 P656 R $10.00



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newspaper published in the English language, and having a general
circulation in the Counties of Santa Fe and Los Alamos, State of New
Mexico and being a newspaper duly qualified to publish legal notices and
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