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It would help if people just first became familiar with some basics.

Read the constitutions and you will not fall for such craziness as “the

courts are not established by the constitutions.” Reading the

constitutions shows otherwise.

Reading statutes is also important. I often encounter people alleging

that some state law states a certain thing, but often when I turn to

that law, it is either misquoted or wrong. We need to focus on accuracy.

Please go here:

This is a page on the Truth Attack website that links to ALL the US

Statutes at Large (huge files), and these files are word searchable.

This page also had downloadable versions of the old and new federal tax

laws as well as links to State constitutions and Codes.

I often detect people relying on the opinions of others because they

cannot find cases. One place to find US Supreme Court cases is here:

Lower fed courts can be found here:

If you want to download whole versions of various titles of the US Code,

go here:


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